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How to choose the US state to move into?

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Moving to US is a big step in everyone’s life. You might end up starting your life from scratch and reinventing yourself. If you were a lawyer or a doctor back home – here you’ll need to go to law and medical school again and that is another 5-8 years of your life spend in working and studying. So, for a good start in your life in US it is pretty important to consider the following:

  1. Is there someone in US who can help you?

Do you have friends, friends of friends, old high school classmates, or just about anyone who is willing to help you settle in? The help may be pretty basic – how to apply for a job, how to create a resume, how to file your taxes at the end of the year, be an emotional support in your transition to living and working in US. It is important to have people you can count on wherever you are. When you start your life all over again it is even more important to have such people close by. So, if you know someone who can help you – you might consider moving into their state and city.

  1. What is your initial seed money for settling in?

It is best to have enough money for your expenses for up to a year. Once you arrive at your chosen state and city it will take some time to find a good place. Remember, the leases are for a year and you do not want to rush into a potentially bad situation or living conditions that do not meet your standards. Another major setback is – it may take some time to find a good job. So, be prepared that in the initial months it might be difficult.

  1. What to do if you arrive with $5 in your pocket?

There’s a lot of rags to riches stored about men and women who have come to US with little to no money and have made it big. If that is you – finding any job is your top priority. Start searching for it at least a week in advance via the job sites. Be ready to take on any job until you settle down and get ready to look for something in your field. It will also be a good idea to go to smaller places where the rents and the living expenses are cheaper than, let’s say, New York.

  1. What climate do you prefer?

So, you like hot summers, but will you like the heat in Texas or the no snow Christmases in LA? Would you be ok to hide or evacuate if needed when a Hurricane reaches the shores in Louisiana, Atlanta, or Miami? How about the snow storms in Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts. You’ve got to wrap your head around the fact that winters will not be like they used to be at home, same as summers, and springs ,and autumns.

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