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How can the new US visa norms be good for Indian students?

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The president Trump’s latest executive order regarding the latest immigration reforms, can actually be seen as great news especially for Indian students that are currently studying in the United States. This is also a clear and strong message delivered to all Indian students that are currently planning to go to US according to University of South Florida’s (USF) Vice President, Roger Brindley.

He also told Indian students and education counselors that “the emphasis on the most highly skilled workers could actually have the potential to benefit foreign graduates of American colleges.” Brindley specifically highlighted the clear fact that the United States will need and currently needs international students in order to fill different skill gaps.

“The fact is, that not enough Americans are graduating from technical master courses such as Business Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS) and Computer Science.”- added Brindley.

The possible reasons for this range from a general lack of interest in math and science to the high burden of debt that most American students carry with them after four years of a Bachelor’s program, making employment more appealing than starting on a master’s degree.

The USF faculty members, when speaking to students in Delhi, clearly pointed out that the median annual salary for students that get a masters’ degree from USF’s College of Engineering or from the College of Business, has been around $70,000 (Rs 44.7 lakh) a year. This number shows a high range of salary in the US. Did you know that around 10 percent of USF’s 50,000 students are international student? They come from 140 countries and India heads the list.

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