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First job in USA? Avoid these 3 things that make you look unprofessional

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If you have just arrived in States, the first thing you are expecting to find is a good job. Whether you decide to stick to your profession or not, there are some essential professionalism habits that you need to be follow especially when analyzing the U.S marked and expectations. Since the country has tons of opportunities, it also has thousands of other professionals waiting for that job to be theirs. So, after securing a job interview, keep in mind these three, most common mistakes you need to avoid during the interview and raise your chances to get hired!

  1. Try to hide what you don’t know

Keep in mind that, if you’re asked a question that you have no clue which the answer might be, the worst thing you can do is to bluff your way through it. The interviewer will probably be able to see your lack of knowledge and lose his respect on you. Being up front that you don’t know which the answer is, usually indicates someone that is mature and confident enough to face the truth and handle the new challenges.

  1. Not doing enough research

If you don’t want to look unprepared and lazy, never ask your possible employer questions about their company. What you might be asking, can probably be found on their website or other online company’s social pages. So, doing a little research is a smart thing to do and will make you look professional and fast-learner. Don’t allow your employee assume that you don’t bother finding the answers for yourself.

  1. Acting in an informal way

Where you’re sending them an email or talking during your interview moments, you should always, always look and act professional by speaking in a formal, confident way. Use short phrases and don’t over-analyze your answers in front of them. Give the impression you are a serious person ready to start working and confident enough to admit that without bragging about your knowledges and qualifications. Having a formal, professional speaking, will definitely make a difference on your possible future employer!

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