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Detroit welcomes new immigrants

Flag of Detroit (Michigan), USA.

The number of immigrant residents in Detroit, the most populous city in the state of Michigan, has grown more than 12 percent since 2010, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Census. The share accounts for more than 4,000 newcomers who have settled in Detroit over the past five years and a half.

The influx of foreign-born residents is more than welcome, considering that Detroit is facing a slow growth of the overall population. In fact, Detroit is not the only city confronting with a shrinking population. In many cases of rebound, immigration was the main responsible for the population growth. According to Global Detroit, a non-profit group, all the 29 major cities that have reversed population loss since 1980 have counted on immigration in the recovery process.

The immigrant community in Detroit is rather colorful and the foreign-born groups are spread throughout the city. Immigrants from Bangladesh have settled mostly in the Hamtramck Banglatown, Latinos from Mexico and Central America are concentrated in the southwest of the city, whereas Arab and West African immigrants live mainly in the west end of Detroit.

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