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Cuban immigration surges to U.S.

18832146_sThe number of Cuban nationals coming to the United States has increased massively in the last fiscal year. In just nine months of 2015, 27.296 Cubans entered the U.S., according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. These numbers are 78 percent higher than the same period of time last year, when 15.341 Cubans came to the U.S. via ports of entry.

The surge is a direct result of Obama’s announcement last December regarding a renewal of relations with Cuba. From January to March, 9.371 immigrants from Cuba entered the U.S, double the number of incomers for the same period in 2014. Two thirds of all Cubans who entered the U.S. came through the Laredo Sector in Texas, at the border of Mexico, meaning 66 percent higher than last year. The largest increase, though, was recorder in the Miami sector. The number of Cubans who entered here has more than doubled from the previous year.

Cubans may also receive special facilities under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.

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