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Features of the L-1 visa

The L-1 is a temporary non-immigrant visa that enables the provisional transfer of foreign employees in the top-level occupation category to the United States to carry on their engagement with the same business or the subsidiary, division, parent company, or affiliate of the business. If you have an L-1 visa, ...

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The EB2 Green Card process

There is a 3-step process to get the EB green card. The process kicks off with the employer who wants to hire a foreign worker filing a Permanent Labor Certification with the US Department of Labor. The employer can do so by using the Program Electronic Management Review System. The ...

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What is the J-1 visa

The J-1, more popular as the Exchange Visitor Visa, is a visa program that lets eligible foreign exchange visitors study or work in the US. This visa program’s goal is to enhance a valuable exchange of ideas between US citizens and citizens of other countries. The J-1 visa program is ...

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Features of the Q-1 visa

If you are a foreign national who wants to participate in a recognized cultural exchange program in the US, you need a Q-1 visa. In order for you to get the Q-1 visa, the cultural exchange program must be practical in nature, meaning it must provide the participants the opportunity ...

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What is the E-1 visa

The E-1 is basically a non-immigrant visa for foreigners coming from a treaty nation to enter the United States and engage in trade activities. A treaty nation is a country that has entered into an agreement of trade and navigation or a bilateral agreement with the US. With an E-1 ...

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