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3 tech skills that can secure your career

The way people used to work has changed dramatically over the years, thanks to the advent of new technologies. Technology and job automation will lead to the elimination of 5 million jobs by 2020. In order to secure your future, you must learn new tech skills, so you can remain ...

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What happens after filing the form I-130

The Form I-130 is used to help a relative get a family-based green card in the United States. After filing the form, the USCIS will send you the Form I-797, which establishes that your application has been received. Whether your application gets approved or denied, the USCIS will notify you ...

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What is the Exchange Visitor Visa?

The US has an open door policy for citizens of foreign countries who desire to enter the US to take part in exchange programs. The Exchange Visitor Visa or the J-1 visa makes this possible. Prior to filing your application, you must be accepted and sponsored by an authorized program ...

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The best states for immigrants in the US


The major concerns of immigrants in the US include sustained residency, personal and family security, income, education, housing, and healthcare. Different states in the US address these concerns in different ways. Some states have high population of immigrants, which means immigrants will find those states friendly and easy for assimilation. ...

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Top 6 popular US visas

There are two major categories of US visas: immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Below are the top 6 popular US visas (3 from each category). Most popular non-immigrant visas 1. B-1/B-2: The B-1 and B-2 are for people who want to travel to the US for the purpose of tourism, business, ...

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