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Signs the USCIS may reject your immigration application

The USCIS will do everything possible to make sure that only genuine and honest applicants are granted immigration to the US. What this means is that the authority will analyze your application against many red flags and requirements. Below are the signs the USCIS may deny you immigration to the ...

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4 Facts about illegal immigration in the US

The Congress did legislation in 1819 that necessitates the documentation of all the new people entering the United States. According to the law, the name, age, and profession of anyone arriving in the US must be recorded. Mass illegal immigration started in the 1940s when the US saw a shortage ...

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Top 5 fun states in the US in 2018


Many people living in the US or wanting to immigrate there are curious as to what are the most fun states in the US in 2018. WalletHub conducted a survey in which it revealed the top 5 fun states in the US for 2018. The survey covered entertainment and recreation ...

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The best and worst paying jobs in the US in 2018


Athletes and chief executive officers might get more attention as the most prosperous people, but the fact is that doctors make the most money in the US. Anesthesiologists earn the highest salary in the US. According to one estimate, each anesthesiologist takes home an average annual salary of $265,990. The ...

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Top 5 advantages of being a US citizen

Being a US citizen comes with many benefits. Besides having a safer and thriving life in the US, there are other benefits you can enjoy like travel benefits, financial benefits, quality, and affordable education and unmatched healthcare service. Travel benefits of being a US citizen When you become a US ...

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Why is renewal of the Green Card important

Foreign citizens who become a permanent resident of the United States get Green Card, which is a photo ID card that shows that you have a legal permanent resident status in the US. While your permanent resident status does not carry an expiry date, the Green Card does come with ...

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