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Brazilian students in the US tripled in the last decade

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In 2014, the most recent year for available data, there were 336,000 Brazilian immigrants living in the United States, accounting for less than one percent of the overall immigrant population. Brazilian migration to the U.S. has varied throughout the years and has been relatively stable since 2009. However, in terms of study migration, things are looking differently. The number of Brazilian international students in the U.S has more than tripled in the last decade, from 7,000 in 2005 to 24,000 in 2015. This is partly a consequence of an increased investment in international scholarships in Brazil.

Brazilian immigrants are highly educated compared to both foreign-born and U.S.-born population. In 2014, 38 percent of Brazilian-born residents ages 25 and older had at least a bachelor’s degree. By comparison, 29 percent of the overall immigrant population and 30 percent of the native-born population had a bachelor’s degree. Brazilian immigrants also have a higher labor participation rate. In 2014, about 71 percent of Brazilian residents ages 16 and older were employed.

About 20 percent of the Brazilian immigrants live in Florida. Massachusetts is the second-largest state for Brazilian-born residents, with 18 percent, California is third with 10 percent, and New Jersey fourth with 9 percent. According to data from Migration Policy, New York, Boston, and Miami were the top U.S. cities in terms of the number of Brazilian immigrants from 2010 to 2014.

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