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Best child care options you can find in U.S

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Maybe if you’re an American citizen you would probably already know about all childcare options available. But, if that’s not your case, and you have currently moved to U.S, then this article can really help you. When having kids, the first thing that passes through your mind is where will they stay? If under the age of 6, this might come to be a big concern, especially when both of you and your spouse plan to work hard on a full time job.  Don’t worry; we are here to help all of you that are going through this situation. To save you time and stress, below you can find the most popular child care options and a short description on how they operate and what you should expect:

Day care center

This is the most common way kids before the age of 6 attend. According to some statistics, over 2,7 million U.S children are currently spending their days on a day care center. The fact that these institutions are government regulated and safe, gives parents a major relief.  They have a very professional staff which has the responsibility to educate and foster your kid’s self-esteem, and also, to boost their intellectual capacity and development.  If you cannot afford this type of day care, a family-day-care works almost in the same way but is located near your neighborhood and your child stays at another house along with a few other kids. So, is not an institution, is a normal family house which takes care for your kid in a cheaper way but they usually are qualified to do the job. Parents tend to like this second day-care option due the fact they think their child feels more secure and comfortable with a few kids and near its own home with people he might know.

Hire a nanny

They are also called a-home-provider and the first things you’ll notice when hire them, is that you don’t have to rush and sent your kid at the day care since 7 in the morning. A nanny is supposed to take care of your kid like she is living at your house. She “becomes” a part of the family during your working hours. A nanny is an expert in taking care of a child. She typically has a former education related to child care or psychology. To hire a nanny you should contact an agency specialized in selecting people with the necessary backgrounds and references. Remember, when hire a nanny, usually you should pay her hourly.

Au pair

This type of day-care involves a person from another country to come and live at your house as a regular family member. In U.S you can find this option widely used. You can find an Au pair in many agencies regulated by United States government and typically, the host family should provide her or him a room at their own home and treat her/him as a family member. In most cases, these people do not take care of other house chores. Only your child.

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