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What is the Special Immigrant Visa Program?

The war in Afghanistan has devastated this country and has affected the livelihood of many people. As a gesture of goodwill, the US decided to give a lifeline to some sections of the population with its Special Immigrant Visa program. This program is available only to Afghan nationals who were ...

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America’s Best Car Brands

American life and cars go hand in hand. Americans purchase certain car brands over others because of factors such as brand loyalty, customer service, cost, quality of the vehicle and personal perceptions. The latest survey titled Car Brands Report Card released by Consumer Reports gives consumers a peek into the ...

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America’s Solar Revolution

Solar energy is the energy of the future as it is renewable and available in plenty. America is leading the way when it comes to solar panel installation, and here are the ten major cities driving this revolution. The top three cities that have the highest solar installation are in ...

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US Economy is not a Bubble, says Fed

growing bussines

The Fed allayed all fears surrounding the growth of the US economy, as it vehemently rejected the view that the US economy is a bubble that is waiting to burst at any time. Fed Chair Janet Yellen as well as her predecessors such as Ben Bernanke, Paul Volcker and Alan ...

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Is America Wealthy?

There has been much debate going on about the American economy, and the wealth it generates for Americans. Some sections of the population tend to think that the Great Recession wiped out a good amount of wealth for America, but fortunately, it’s not true! According to the latest data released ...

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America’s Fastest Growing Cities

American economy is rebounding, as growth is picking up in manufacturing and the services sector. Unemployment rates are down and there is an overall positive economic environment in the country. This economic environment has led to a surge in the population of some cities, signifying better living and working conditions. ...

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The U.S. Job Market Grows

The American economy received some positive news as data showed that the U.S. job growth remained strong in March too, after February got a big boost in terms of job growth. Non farm payrolls increased by 205,000 in March, and this supplements an increase of 242,000 jobs that came in ...

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Top three cities for young professionals

Job prospects have greatly increased since 2009 for recent college graduates, with some cities faring better than others for young professionals. Two factors were considered while formulating this list, and they are, availability of jobs and the average cost of living. In general, cities with the best job opportunities as ...

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