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The US would benefit by increasing the immigration levels

A new analysis by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that the U.S. would benefit by increasing the number of immigrants it accepts each year, especially foreign nationals with college education. At the moment, immigrants make about 13 percent of the U.S. population and the country is accepting annually ...

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25 percent of physicians in the US are foreign-born

Foreign-born professionals might be the only solution to cover the labor shortages in one of the vital industries in the U.S. economy. Currently, 25 percent of physicians and surgeons practicing in the U.S. were born outside the country. In addition, about 20 percent of nurses, home health assistants and psychiatric ...

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The best US food cities

San Francisco, California is the most restaurant-dense city in the U.S. and there are so many award-winning restaurants that making a single choice is almost impossible. So why not try more than one venue? You can start at Al’s Place, an internationally recognized restaurant, continue at the Mission Chinese and ...

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The best three cities in the US

There are three main factors that determine if a certain city makes a great place to live, and these are a strong economy, affordability and an overall good quality of life. According to a study from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis which looked at the 100 largest metropolitan areas ...

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U.S. schools court foreign entrepreneurs who need visas

An increasing number of U.S. schools are taking advantage of a legal loophole in order to attract and retain foreign entrepreneurs who are in need of a visa. The so-called “global entrepreneur in residence” programs allow certain foreign-born graduates of U.S. schools to get H-1B visas and work part-time on ...

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