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Immigration is the best way to fight crime

Several scholastic studies conducted over the past few years have found that immigration and crime are related in a way that benefits the U.S. The national crime rate has dropped massively in the past three decades and it seems that immigration might have something to do with this. In a ...

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Surge in Cuban immigration to US continues into 2016

Cubans represent the third largest group in the U.S. with Hispanic origin, after Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. There are currently about two million Cubans living in the United States, but the share of U.S.-born citizens with Cuban ancestry is growing over the share of Cuban-born individuals. About 57 percent of ...

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Almost one million immigrants live in Washington

Washington has the 10th largest immigrant population in the U.S. with almost 930,000 foreign-born people living in the northwestern state, according to a recently published report. About 12 percent of the state population was born abroad but percentages vary from one city to another. Immigrants are a vital part of ...

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How to obtain a Green Card

A Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card gives its holder official immigration status in the United States and entitles him to certain rights and responsibilities. Green Card holders can live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis and can become U.S. citizens over time. There are several ...

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New study confirms benefits of immigration

A new study conducted in Akron, the fifth-largest city in Ohio, found that immigration is a true economic upholder. According to the report “Welcome to Akron: How Immigrants and Refugees Are Contributing to Akron’s Economic Growth”, the foreign-born population not only increased the housing values but also sustained the labor ...

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