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America’s Humanitarian Efforts towards Stranded Cubans


Cuba flagTens of thousands of Cubans leave their shores to migrate to America every year because of the special status granted by the American law, that allows them to live and apply for the coveted green card here. Of course, they get to enjoy these privileges only if they are able to enter the US, which is an arduous task, considering they have to pass through eight different countries, and there is always a possibility for them to get detained in any of these eight countries.

Over the last year, the number of Cubans attempting to migrate to the US have increased drastically because of the fear that the improved relations between the US and Cuba could lead to cancelation of this special status. Unfortunately, not all make it to the US as a lot of them get stranded in the way in countries like Costa Rica.

To help these stranded Cubans, America has pledged to support $1 million that will go towards providing temporary shelter, food, sanitation and hygiene kits to those who are detained in Costa Rica and Panama. Official estimates suggest that there are about 8,000 Cubans stuck in Costa Rica and another 3,000 in Panama.

This is another step taken by the US to provide humanitarian support to vulnerable migrants from Central America.

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