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America’s Best Car Brands

American life and cars go hand in hand. Americans purchase certain car brands over others because of factors such as brand loyalty, customer service, cost, quality of the vehicle and personal perceptions.

The latest survey titled Car Brands Report Card released by Consumer Reports gives consumers a peek into the top five car brands in the US. The results of this survey are similar to another study conducted by J.D Power. Both these reports considered several factors such as road performance, reliability, safety and owner satisfaction.

Below are the top five car brands based on the results of both these reports.

  • Audi – This luxury arm of Volkswagen scored the highest in terms of quality in both the reports.
  • Subaru – This Japanese car manufacturer is making rapid inroads into the four-wheel drive cars due to its competitive low pricing.
  • Lexus – This is Toyota’s luxury arm and is a competitor to established brands in this segment such as BMW and Mercedes.
  • Porsche – Another luxury segment of Volkswagen; this brand saw a 10.1 percent increase in sales during 2014-15.
  • BMW – BMW is another strong contender, thanks to its brand value and customer service.

Which of these cars do you like the most?

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