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American Companies are Coming Together to Save Wildlife


16 US companies have come together to fight wildlife trafficking, as a part of their corporate social responsibility. These companies are coming together under the umbrella of US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, a coalition that comprises of American companies and NGOs that work in partnership with the US government.

This alliance was formed after the US lawmakers decided to address wildlife trafficking as a part of their National Strategy, with an aim to prevent the illegal demand and sale of wildlife products in the U.S.

Some of the big corporate giants who have pledged support for this cause include Ralph Lauren, eBay, Etsy, Google, Tiffany & Company, Berkshire Hathways, Signet, Richline, Rio Grande, JetBlue,, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Natural Habitat Adventures.

Discovery Communications has agreed to spread word about illegal wildlife products and their impact on the economy with an aim to educate US consumers. Many zoos such as Bronx Zoo have agreed to spread this message to the 180 million Americans who visit these parks and zoos.

This move is a much-needed step towards protecting animals and the eco-diversity of the land, and it is hoped that this alliance helps to bring down the demand for illegal wildlife products.

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