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Almost 1.3 million Vietnamese immigrants in the US

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Individuals from Vietnam make up the sixth largest immigrant group in the United States, after immigrants from Mexico, India, China, the Philippines, and El Salvador. As of 2014, almost 1.3 million people born in Vietnam were living in the U.S., accounting for 3 percent of the nation’s total of 42.4 million immigrants.

California is home to 39 percent of the overall number of immigrants from Vietnam. Texas is the second most popular state, at 13 percent, followed by Florida and Washington, each at 4 percent. Most of those who came to the U.S. have obtained a green card as family-sponsored immigrants or relatives of U.S. citizens.

According to data from the Census Bureau, Vietnamese immigrants are older than the overall foreign-born population. The median age of immigrants from Vietnam is 47 years, whereas the median age of the foreign-born population is 44 years. Around 81 percent of Vietnamese immigrants are of working age, between 18 and 64. The latest national survey found that 67 percent of Vietnamese immigrants ages 16 and older were working. They are most likely to employed in services, production, transportation, and material moving occupations.

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