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6 lowest paying jobs in the US

Low paying jobs are part of the US economy. There are many jobs with bottled-up wages, the reason being low demand and more supply for these jobs. When looking for a job in the US, be sure to take a look at the hourly wages. Here are the 6 lowest paying jobs in the US:

1. Food preparation

Workers in the food preparation sector earn the lowest wages in the United States. They earn about $8-$9 per hour, which means they make only $18,000 – $19,000 per year. These jobs don’t require highly educated workers. Most of these jobs are part-time.

2. Dishwashing

Dishwashers earn around $8.6 in the US. There are more dishwashers in Florida than any other states and they are the lowest paid. On the other hand, dishwashers make about $11 an hour in Nevada.

3. Cashiers

Cashiers work everywhere, from retail shops to large businesses. It is one of the biggest professions in the US. There are more than 3.5 million cashiers in the US. The bad news is that cashiers are also the lowest paid workers in the US. They make about $9 per hour.

4. Waiters and waitresses

The next time you go out to eat at a restaurant, be sure to tip your waiter or waitress because they are also the lowest paid workers. Waiters and waitresses make about $9.5 per hour.

5. Amusement park attendants

The amusement park industry employs many workers. California and Florida are popular for their amusement parks; however, the workers get low wages in this sector. Amusement park attendants earn about $8 – $9.5 per hour.

6. Farmworkers

Working on the farms is something most Americans hate to do. Farm workers make $9.5 per hour. Work in this industry is mostly seasonal and requires physical dexterity. Most of the workers engaged in the US farm sector are immigrants.

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