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3 Ways Immigrants Influenced The American Society

Immigrants Influenced

Immigration has always been surrounded by controversy in the United States. While some consider that immigrants have enriched the American culture, others fear that plurality will eventually undermine the core of this nation. No matter what side you are on, no one can argue that changes have occurred during the years as a result of the immigration process which, after all, cannot be separated from the American history.

  1. Immigrants help the U.S to remain demographically youthful. American population is growing annually by 1 percent, which is below the average growth rate of the last century. This means not only that immigrants cannot be blamed for overpopulation, but, on the contrary, that without them, labor force would decrease considerably within a couple of decades. Moreover, incomers have boosted the demographically declining territories of the country.
  2. What makes the United States so powerful is its economic prosperity. In this regard, immigrants have contributed positively in many ways. Firstly, they are consumers; therefore they raise the demand for American goods, which leads to profit, new businesses and new jobs. Secondly, they provide contacts to foreign markets, reinforcing the idea that the U.S. is a strong player in the global economy.
  3. When it comes to immigration, jobs are perhaps the most sensitive topic. There is a general opinion saying that immigrants are ‘stealing’ Americans’ jobs. The reality is, though, that foreigners tend to fill positions that Americans refuse, mostly at the low end of the skill spectrum. They provide work force where there is needed, in constructions, services and hospitality. It’s easy to see that immigrants are poorly represented in high skilled fields such as physics, computer science or medicine; although this does not mean that they can’t be professionally successful.

Apart from that, immigrants are responsible for the diversity in music, films, arts or food. They have opened the doors to hundreds of different civilizations; they have enriched as well as enlarged the American culture.

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