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3 tech skills that can secure your career

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The way people used to work has changed dramatically over the years, thanks to the advent of new technologies. Technology and job automation will lead to the elimination of 5 million jobs by 2020. In order to secure your future, you must learn new tech skills, so you can remain relevant to the job market. Here are three tech skills that can secure your career:

1. Programming

Programming continues to secure the top slot when it comes to the tech skills you need to start learning today. To automate jobs, companies need people with programming skills. As such, programmers are in huge demand and short supply right now. This trend will continue into the future. Programmers are offered huge salaries and many benefits.

The digitization of businesses is headed to a spike in future. Majority companies in almost every industry are looking for ways to improve their performances, cut costs, and be more profitable. They need programmers to make this possible. Whether it is website programming or machine and software coding, there is a huge scope for programmers in every industry.

2. Data Science

 Data science is a new field and data scientists are in huge demand but short supply. Given the use of technologies, today we generate immense data in a single day that was not possible for centuries in the past. To manage, secure, analyze, store, and use the data, companies rely on people who have data science skills.

Data science presents a huge opportunity for people interested in the field. If you have data science skills, your career is secure and your future is bright. Data scientists earn huge salaries and benefits. It’s time you start learning data science now.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also a new, technology-driven field that is offering you the opportunity to secure your career. AI fits between programming and data science. If you are proficient in mathematics, physics, and computer, you can make an excellent career in AI.

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